Glenside Fire Protection District Office

1608 Bloomingdale Rd
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Service Area: DuPage County


Notes: Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm. Free for residents of Glendale Heights. For non-residents, there is a cash disposal charge per container. Enter through main door off of Fullerton Ave. and inform staff that you need to dispose of a sharps container. Please follow these instructions for safe disposal of needles: Use a puncture-proof container which can be purchased at pharmacies. Alternatively hard plastic household containers which should be unbreakable and puncture resistant are acceptable, may be used. We recommend a laundry detergent bottle. No milk jugs or coffee cans. Sharps should be placed in the sharps container immediately after use. Put sharps in point-first. Store sharps in closed container with the cap screwed on until disposal. Containers more than half-full should be disposed of. Do not cram them full. Clearly label container "SHARPS-DO NOT RECYCLE" with a bold marker. When the container is half full, tape lid on securely with duct tape and bring to the fire station. Containers will only be accepted during business hours. Call the Glenside Fire Protection District office with questions.

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