Fremont County Public Health and Environment Office

201 N 6th St
Canon City, CO 81212
Service Area: Fremont County


Notes: Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-5:30pm. Used needles and syringes must be in an approved and secure sharps/biohazard containers. Container lids must be securely fastened and not filled past the "fill to here" line. Containers like empty bleach bottles, liquid detergent bottles and heavy plastic jugs are strong enough to prevent the sharps from poking through the container and have lids that can be securely fastened. A coffee can may also be used as long as the lid is sealed with strong tape once the container is full. Containers of sharps should be clearly labeled "SHARPS" or "BIOHAZARD WASTE." Syringes in non-authorized containers will not be accepted. Sharps containers can also be obtained at Fremont County Public Health and Environment.

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