State Specifics for Alaska

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation prefers that medical waste be disposed through medical service providers or medical waste disposal professionals. However if you do not have access to a medical waste service provider, clinic that is able to treat medical waste, or a medical waste disposal company, you must handle medical waste carefully to protect yourself and others such as waste collection workers and landfill workers. Place all sharps and potentially infectious waste in a puncture resistant container with a sealing lid like a one-liter soda bottle,one gallon juice container, or plastic laundry detergent container. Clearly label the container as medical waste (example SHARPS: DO NOT OPEN! ), seal tightly, and tape closed for added safety. The container will keep the waste away from others and protect against accidental punctures or cuts.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has issued the following guidelines for household-generated sharps: Click Here to Open The Alaska solid waste management rule does not provide an exemption to community syringe users for disposing of sharps. Therefore, as written, individuals who use syringes at home are responsible for ensuring that their used syringes are stored in a way that does not cause a health hazard and that they are decontaminated before disposal. This can be done either by taking used syringes to a site such as a hospital or medical center that accepts sharps, or by contracting with a medical waste transporter for proper treatment and disposal.