Eastgate Public Health Center

14350 SE Eastgate Way
Bellevue, WA 98007
Service Area: King County


Notes: Syringe drop box available 24 hours a day. Put your used sharps and syringes in a manufactured sharps container or a 2-liter P.E.T. plastic pop bottle. Make sure the lid fits tightly, then tape it shut for added safety. If you use a plastic pop bottle, label it with the warning: "SHARPS-DO NOT RECYCLE." Bring your full container to the drop box site.

You are responsible for putting your sharps in the drop box at the site. Your sharps container will not be returned to you. If your container is bigger than a 2-liter pop bottle or if the drop box is full, DO NOT cram more stuff into it and DO NOT leave containers or loose syringes sitting out next to the drop box. These practices put others at risk for injury.

If your items will not fit in the drop box, please bring them inside to the Health Clinic's reception desk. If you encounter this problem when the clinic is closed, you may need to return to the clinic and dispose of your sharps during normal business hours in order to assure safety for all.

It is against the law in King County to dispose of sharps in the household trash.

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